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Thursday, 22 October 2020

No Hope in the Popes of History

Nine Popes who sinned before the Lord.

Pope Stephen VI (896 to 897) – Felt that his predecessor Pope Formosus had wronged him in some matters and so Pope Stephen had Pope Formosus’s corpse of nine months dug up and then tried him. Formosus was propped up in a throne dressed in his papal robes and was of course found guilty. Pope Stephen ordered the three fingers that Pope Stephen used in blessings cut off and his body was re-buried in a cemetery for foreigners. An earthquake then struck the area and the people blamed Pope Stephen who was then arrested and locked in a dungeon where he was later found strangled!

Pope John X (914 to 928) – History records that two ladies of nobility ruled the papacy of the 10th century, namely Theodora and Marozia. It was Theodora that brought Pope John into being and then ended up wishing she hadn’t. Pope John subsequently enticed the charming young daughter of Hugh of Provence into the papal bed chamber. Outrage followed and Pope John fled from the city but was captured and smothered to death with a pillow in the Castel Sant’Angelo!

Pope John XII (955 to 964) – Became a Pope at the age of 18 and he turned the papal palace into a whorehouse by committing adultery with a number of women!
According to the ‘Patrologia Latina’ being a collection of writings by church leaders this young Pope murdered and mutilated men, committing arson and gambling and even invoking demons. In reaping what he sowed he came to his end in his 20’s dying from a stroke whilst in bed with a married woman!

Pope Benedict IX (1032 to 1048) – Inherited the title of Pope as he was the nephew of Pope John XIX and Pope Benedict VIII at the age of 20. It was Pope Victor III who wrote of Pope Benedict IX’s rapes, murders and other heinous acts. Saint Peter Damian wrote of Pope Benedict as one who feasted on immorality! When Benedict IX decided he wanted to marry he sold his holy title as head of the Catholic Church to his godfather for 1,500lbs of gold!

Pope Boniface VIII (1294 to 1301) – Philip IV the King of France began taxing the Church to finance his wars. Boniface then declared as Pope that kings were subordinate to the power of the Church. Philip then banned money being sent to Rome to which Pope Boniface retaliated by excommunicating the King.
Philip then sent an army which captured the Pope who was badly beaten, almost executed but died within a month of his injuries on 11th October 1303. This was a classic case of a power struggle and pride of position which ended badly for Pope Boniface.

Pope Innocent VIII (1484 to 1492) – Money matters dominated the papacy of a man not so innocent! He devised schemes to bring money back into the coffers of the Vatican Treasury. Firstly through the patronage of Portugal and Spain’s international slavery trade. Secondly by creating new positions within the Church that were then sold to the highest bidder! Further to this anyone declared a heretic had their assets seized and noble women were a prime target!
Laws were finally passed that allowed the annulment of marriage for a tidy sum paid to the papacy. Corruption and greed were the hallmark of Pope Innocent!

Pope Alexander VI (1492 to 1503) – Using Church funds this Pope enjoyed lavish masquerade parties and banquets. No respect or thought towards the common people led to an increase of violence and crime on the streets of Rome.
Meanwhile Pope Alexander enjoyed mistresses and fathered several children. It was rumoured that orgies were also part of this Pope’s lifestyle of decadence!

Pope Julius II (1503 to 1513) – Broke his vow of celibacy by taking several mistresses into the Vatican. He had at least one illegitimate daughter and other sources spoke of two other daughters who died during their childhood. In 1511 a council of bishops brought charges of lewd sexual acts. Pope Julius also forced Michelangelo to complete the Sistine Chapel. Again pride of face and position soiled the papacy of Pope Julius.

Pope Leo X (1513 to 1521) – This Pope absolved sins for a price and there was a sliding scale depending on the sin! People were threatened that their souls would not enter into Heaven unless they paid up! Pope Leo then enhanced this money making scheme by setting fines on sinners who committed theft, incest and even murder. Leo’s conscience was seared through greed and by the power he held sway over people. His papacy was a disgrace to the name of the Lord Jesus Christ as with so many of the Popes before him.

In conclusion – who else behaved immorally and what else was done by the leaders of Rome over the centuries? Mother Church has truly behaved terribly over the centuries and many will be judged by the Judge of all with the words, “I never knew you, depart from Me you who practice lawlessness!”
Holiness of life was missing in so many within the Church of Rome from Popes to Priests to People misled by their leaders and the warning of Hebrews 12:14 was ignored by them to their eternal shame! The molesting of children has come into the light within the modern Church of Rome by a number of priests who knew the history of their Popes in whom there is no hope! A classic case of what has been will be again! Eccles 1:9. Only in Jesus can one be saved and forgiven as no man can forgive the sins of anyone, only God can do this through Jesus. The Son of God is the friend of sinners and He came to save those who would repent unto Him as Saviour and no one else. Amen.

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