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Thursday, 22 October 2020


The Latin words PIA FIDELIS mean LOYAL and FAITHFUL.

The Concise Oxford Dictionary defines these two words as:

Loyalbeing true, faithful to duty, love or obligation. Faithful in allegiance to your Sovereign, Government or mother-country.

Faithfulbeing loyal, constant to a person or one’s word. Conscientious, trustworthy, true to fact, accurate and to the original as true believers.

We can then immediately relate these qualities towards our blessed Lord and Saviour and then look for them in ourselves as those who have the true faith once and for all delivered.

Believers are to be at one in Him.
Believers are to be in unity and to walk in the light with one another.
Believers are to grow in wisdom and knowledge.

When we see these things we are then recognised as disciples of the Lord Jesus and not as immature saints who gossip and quarrel, who end up biting and devouring one another to the great delight of Satan and his demons!

We are to love one another and to forgive as Christ forgave us just as it is written.

It is then that we see the qualities of our other two key words –

DIGNITAS CURA which means with DIGNITY and CARE.

The dictionary defines these words as:

Dignityto show true worth and excellence within an honourable office, rank or title.

Care to feel concern for others, to regard or have affection towards others in need. To have an interest in providing food or attention to needs. (Children, invalids etc).

This is what we saw within our Lord when He walked amongst us and He of course still has these qualities as our King and High Priest who protects and provides within His peace and prosperity that He promised us.

The Word makes us loyal and faithful which then produces dignity and care within the very Works our Master has asked us to perform. We know one another by our testimony and by the fruit we exhibit. Jesus told us to be salt and light to those around us so let us be found loyal to Him and to also be faithful until He comes. Amen.

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