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Saturday, 19 September 2020

Psalm 18 – God the Sovereign Saviour.


This song of David is one of thanksgiving and praise because the Lord had delivered him from all his enemies, in particular King Saul who had hounded him so much seeking his life. In the end though the Lord will have his way over the ways of men and so each of us can take great comfort in this. God is faithful and merciful and His righteousness and justice will always overcome. This is why we are so often encouraged to be overcomers, to be strong and of good courage. As the Lord Jesus is the Victorious One so we are victors in Him.


The second level of understanding in this psalm is that we can see the Son of David being the Messiah portrayed in this Psalm in a prophetic way. Thirdly as with David and the Lord Jesus, then so with us. Indeed so many of the Psalms have given real comfort and understanding to the saints of God down through the ages and once we see this we can then appreciate God‘s love towards us as His Word encourages , exhorts and edifies us. There is so much wisdom within the Psalms and Proverbs and truly we should not live life without Wisdom, then adding to this Knowledge and Discernment. These three will increase our Faith and our sure and certain hope of the Age to come.

Body of Sermon:


A) Trusting God at all times – v1-3.
B) Travailing on the Tree – v4-15.
1) A Tormented Person – v4-6.
2) A Tottering Planet – v7-8.
3) A Terrible Presence – v9-11.
4) A Terrified People – v12-15.
C) Triumphing over the Tomb – v16-19.

2. MESSIAH AS THE ROYAL PRIEST (verses 20-31).

A) His Authority – v20-24. (Righteousness, Holiness, Faithfulness).
B) His Activity – v25-27. (Like for like, measure for measure towards all).
C) His Ability – v28-31. (Nothing is impossible with God).


A) Reclaiming the Kingdom of God – v32-42. (The Armageddon Campaign).
B) Ruling the Kingdom with God – v43-48. (The Millennium Rule).
C) Restoring the Kingdom of God – v49-50. (Israel’s Renewal and Restoration).

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