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Tuesday, 20 October 2020


The above Latin statement is the Young clan family motto which means  – ‘Prudence excels Strength’

This little bit of wisdom from the past has a good Biblical foundation and can be seen as a life application principle acted out in the spiritual, moral and physical realm of our lives.

The dictionary defines being prudent as having wisdom, good conduct and character traits and also being discreet. These then are some of the qualities of a disciple of the Lord Jesus through faith in God and in His plan and purposes for those who turn to Him.

Wisdom – to be wise, coupled with experience and knowledge applied practically within life. Having good common sense and being able to give wise advice to others. When one is wise our speech, opinions, course of action are dictated through God’s wisdom which is a spiritual gift and so benefits others around us.

Conduct – relates to our moral behaviour before others. It is the rule of the tongue, of speaking healing and not hurting words that encourage and build up. We are to be light before men, our fruit should be glorifying to our Lord and God to whom we will give an account of how we led our lives.

Character – is seen through our mental and moral nature. This then is our testimony, reputation or description of a person’s standing in the eyes of others.

Being Discreet – Judicious, prudent, circumspect, not speaking out at inopportune times. How we handle information will determine whether others will trust us with their personal thoughts, problems, weaknesses etc.

The world then looks to the strength of rank and position, of numbers and of wealth to influence others. Of a personal physical strength or intellect to rule over others but we are not of this world and its ways.
We are a people of the Book and the Bible teaches that ‘prudence excels strength’ within a number of verses and accounts that are written for our learning, for our admonition on whom the end of the age has come. It is so that we may have hope and patience through the comfort of the Scriptures.
(1 Cor 10:11 and Romans 15:4).

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