Sulam Ya'aqov Messianic Fellowship (The Fellowship Of Jacob's Ladder) LARGE TITLE
Thursday, 22 October 2020

Three Relationships

“My Sheep” John 10:14. Christ the Shepherd.

“My Friends” John 15:14. Christ the Lover.

“My Brethren” John 20:17. Christ the Firstborn.

Three Fellowships.

The Fellowship of Life1 John 1:2-3.

The Fellowship of Light1 John 1:7.

The Fellowship of LabourPhilippians 4:3.

Four Attitudes.

Seen at the close of each Gospel:-

  1. Worshippers of Christ Matthew 28:9.
  2. Workers with ChristMark 16:19.
  3. Witnesses to ChristLuke 24:47.
  4. Waiting for Christ John 16:22.
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