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Tuesday, 20 October 2020

The Four Species of the Lulav are seen as Four Parts of the Human Body

1. The Etrog (the Citron) – represents the heart, the seat of our emotions.

2. The Hadas (the Myrtle) has leaves shaped like an eye and so this represents the eye, through which we see things.

3. The Lulav (the Date Palm) represents the spine, from where our actions emanate.

4. The Aravah (the Willow) represents the lips, used in our speech.

The Spiritual Life Application is that we must unify our feelings and our outlook which will determine our actions and our speech.

Ours is a high calling, a chosen people. Amen
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1. The Etrog (Citrus fruit) has a good taste and a good fragrance. It represents a person with both wisdom and good deeds.

2. The Hadas (Myrtle) has a good fragrance, but is inedible. It represents a person who has good deeds, but lacks wisdom.

3. The Lulav (Date Palm) is edible, but it has no smell. This represents the person with wisdom, but no good deeds.

4. The Aravah (Willow) has neither taste nor smell. It represents a person with no wisdom and no good deeds.

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