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Wednesday, 23 September 2020


Undaunted Heroes

Money was not on their side. Government and public opinion were against them.
Their Jewishness handicapped them at every turn. Yet despite all this they won
out – those twelve Jews who started out from Jerusalem to bring countless millions
under the wings of the G-d of Israel.

Let those who hold with Napoleon that "G-d is on the side of the heaviest
battalions," remember that history knows of twelve men who pitted their
lives against battalions, against wild beasts, the flame and the sword to raise
aloft the banner of a Jewish cause in a world that was hostile to everything
Jewish. Undaunted,

"they met the tyrant’s brandished steel,
The lion’s glory mane;
They bowed their necks the death to feel"…

The pagan could not understand these "G-d-intoxicated" Jews, and
Jews who should have understood them, dismissed them as visionaries, chasing
after a phantom. The centuries, however, have shown that no truer vision ever
came to man than the Vision which led them on.

Strained as is the relation between Judaism and Christianity, the historic
truth is that the warp and woof of Christianity were woven on the Jewish loom.
Isadore Lehvinne indulged in no mere syllogism when he declared: "There
remains this amazing, and so frequently overlooked truth: It is a lie that the
Jews have rejected Christianity. Only a portion of Jews have rejected it. Had
it not been for the other portion that went to death and exile there would have
been no Christianity now."

The pages of the New Testament teem with incidents of Jewish activity among
Jews and non-Jews in the interests of the Messianic movement of Jesus. What
today is celebrated as Pentecost is but a harking back to that memorable Shavuot
when 3,000 Jews allied themselves with the nascent movement and laid the foundation
of a fellowship which has transcended race, time and clime. Inspired by the
Messiah they carried the Torah and the message of the prophets beyond the confines
of Shul’s and the Temple.

The world is in sore need of another twelve Jews of like heroic mettle to
raise aloft the banner of our glorious Messiah. G-d has promised 12 times 12,000
in the Revelation, the last book of the Holy Bible.

Isaac Lichtenstein – District Rabbi of Tapio-Szele, Hungary

"I had thought the New Testament to be impure, a source of pride,
of hatred, and of the worst kind of violence, but as I opened it, I felt
myself peculiarly and wonderfully taken possession of.

A sudden glory, a light, flashed through my soul. I looked for thorns,
and gathered roses; I discovered pearls instead of pebbles; instead of
hatred, love; instead of vengeance, forgiveness; instead of bondage, freedom;
instead of pride, humility; instead of enmity, conciliation; instead of
death, life, salvation, resurrection, heavenly treasure."

Isaac Lichtenstein

Isaac Da Costa – Poet Laureate

Isaac Da Costa was a lineal descendant of the famous Jewish hero and martyr,
Uriel Acosta. Next to Bilderdijk, he is considered the greatest poet of Holland.

This son of Israel was an ardent believer in the Messiahship of Jesus, and
The Jewish Encyclopedia says of him:

"Da Costa’s character, no less than his genius, was respected by his
contemporaries. To the end of his life he felt only reverence and love for
his former coreligionists, was deeply interested in their past history, and
often took their part."

The poem which follows was originally written in Dutch, and is generally assumed
to have been translated into English by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow.

The Sabbath

On the seventh day reposing, lo! the great Creator stood –
Saw the glorious work accomplished –
Saw that it was good:-
Heaven, Earth, Man, and Beast have being:
Day and night their courses run –
First Creation – infant Manhood – earliest Sabbath:-
It is done!

On the seventh day reposing, Jesus filled His sainted tomb,
From His spirit’s toil retreating, while He broke man’s fatal doom.
‘Twas a new Creation bursting,
Brighter than the primal one.
‘Twas Fulfilment – reconcilement; ’tis Redemption:-
It is done!

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